Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

Bring Students to the Mathematics Conferences

As a supervisor, I  encourage my students to attend academic forums to meet people from other different area from them. This, for instance, can be realize it through joining  both national and international conferences. Such activities are very important to share our thought and knowledge to other people and to get feedbacks to improve our research.

Other reasons are,  they can get a certificate as a speaker and use it for their job in the future. They might also meet some experts from other universities, and even from abroad, so that they might get an offer to continue their study in there for free. Another thing, they will get experience to present with audiences who might not be form their interest area, so they have to make the audience understand. And this is not easy to do it. What we learn from this is one day, when they got job , they have to be able to deal with people who are from different academic background.

This time, me and my students attended Mathematics National Conference in IAIN Syeikh Nurjati, Cirebon. It took place in a hotel called De Verse Hotel Cirebon. The topic of the conference was Using Big Data in Education, which is one line with our research.

I opened our own presentation with some motivations of our research, before my student, Annisa Savitri presented her own research in detail. Our general topic was till about Lanczos algorithm for solving systems of linear equations with high dimensions, particularly, detecting how breakdown occurs in that algorithm.

Annisa is now on the fourth year in Math department, and she is a talented student who works hard for her research. Her contribution in our research is incredibly great as a foundation of other student projects.
Besides Annisa, there are three other students who have been working on papers, at least two papers, and will send them to an International Conference in Malang by next August 2017.

Keep it up my students !

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